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She/her. Goddess lover. Animals, nature, books, music. Radical leftist. I follow everybody.

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  1. PSA....PASS IT ON....
  2. North Carolina, please help military service member's keep their pet's.
  3. Newly-Elected Republican Georgia Rep Steps Down After Drug Arrest — he stole prescription narcotics from a retirement complex (Take a good look at his dramatically dilated pupils)
  4. More buses, filled with migrants who crossed the US border in Texas, arrived outside Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence this evening on Christmas Eve. A CNN team saw the migrants dropped off, wit
  5. Apparently we now have gifs... #cannabis #marijuana #weed #reefer #doobie #spliff #420
  6. PARIS (AP) - A shooting targeting a Kurdish cultural center in a bustling Paris neighborhood Friday left three people dead and three others wounded, authorities said. A 69-year-old suspect was wounded
  7. Happy Festivus, posters!
  8. for the rest of us.
  9. Feed the birds!
  10. ~ Sen. Rand Paul Blocks Bill That Would Ensure New Moms Are Allowed to Breastfeed at Work ~ Senators Hoped to Pass the Bipartisan "PUMP Act" Before the Holidays, but Paul is More Concerned About Prote
  11. Lock him up!
  12. #repost What happen to free thinking and the truth , I guess they want to end it in Florida public schools. We do NOT teach true U.S. history to our children, I just read a book on Lincoln and was NEVE
  13. What else would we expect?
  14. I love this so much!
  15. Research shows that feeding curry to sheep, cattle, and goats can reduce the amount of the greenhouse gas methane they produce by up to 40%. Yep, you heard that right. Curry. Specifically it's the cor
  16. Yes.
  17. HAPPY TUESDAY, RESISTERS! Let’s find each other. Follow everyone who likes or comments then share for a wider circulation. STRONGER IN NUMBERS!

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