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Curiosity Killed the Cat

Liberal living in a red state. News junkie, feminist & proud resister. Let's get into some good trouble. ✌️

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  1. Random question: Does anyone have an Aero Garden? Do you like it? I would like to start growing herbs for cooking inside and the Aero Garden seems to be the most popular. If anyone has any feedback or
  2. Good questions.
  3. Why didn't the 1/6 Committee name names of the referrals other than TFG? Other people committed crimes.
  4. For those who vote blue, you know what to do! Let's connect and build our tribe. ✌️
  5. Post is a breath of fresh air IMO. I'm excited to watch it grow.
  6. Now that this season of White Lotus is over, Sunday night's just aren't as fun. I'm having withdrawals 😫
  7. I love that fact that my blood pressure and anxiety levels don't rise when I scroll through my timeline on Post. The bird app is more toxic than I ever realized, since I now have something to compare
  8. Good morning from Union Station in KC. Have a great day ya'll. ❤🎄
  9. Great message.
  10. Therapy dogs helping with trauma in Ukrainian children. #mentalhealth #Ukraine
  11. Great list of Posties to follow. 👇
  12. Thank you to everyone who worked on this bill. And thank you POTUS for signing it. Bravo!
  13. Hey Post. I'm new here.

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