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Progressive Texan & Techie Mom with 2 Corgis and 2 mutts

South Austin

Austin Texas tech worker, wife and mom to 1 human and 4 dogs. Favorite sports: politics, then basketball. -always

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  1. By Robert Reich Friends, Today, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken stood next to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a military base in Tel Aviv and said, “Too often in the past, leaders have equivocated in the face of terrorist attacks against Israel and its people. T
  2. Intriguing take. Can the plea deal include preventing him from whining on social media too? #IndictmentWatch
  3. By Dan Rather (Photo by Samuel Corum) A thunderclap hits the headlines. How long does it take for the full impact to sink in? Can we even comprehend all that it implies? While we knew another indictment for Donald Trump was likely, it is impossible to be fully prepared. There will be
  4. Let me get this straight... Students getting relief from onerous debt is unconstitutional. But justices secretly getting hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in gifts, vacations, and free housing and education for their family members is just fine. Hello?
  5. On Twitter, I had a work #identity and a non-work/political/social identity. Hoping this is a safe space for my whole identity to reside.
  6. L to R Junebug, Scamp, and Roscoe
  7. Peaches

    Peaches was adopted from Hill Country SPCA, Fredericksburg, TX back in September 2022. Vet thinks she’s around 9 months old. She was 3.1 lbs when we got her but she’s up to 6 lbs now. Still tiny, thou

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