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  1. Beyond the Glass Ceiling to Concrete Change: Why Individual Efforts Won't Fix Workplace Inequality

    In a recent article for, Brittany N. Dernberger, a lecturer at George Washington University, argues that women cannot “lean in” to address structural gender inequalities in the workplace, including the persistent pay gap between men and women. Dernberger notes that wh
  2. The Surprising Link Between Gender Equality and Longevity

    Both women and men are likely to live longer when a country makes strides towards gender equality, according to a new global study. Researchers used a modified global gender gap index to estimate gender equality in 156 countries and examined its link with the gender gap in life e
  3. Fighting for Freedom: Afghan Women Speak Out Against Taliban Rule

    On International Women's Day, Afghan women have spoken out against the Taliban regime and accused the international community of neglecting them. Since the Taliban took power over Afghanistan in 2021, the regime has stripped women of their basic rights, forcing them from most wor
  4. From Taboo to Tech: The Role of FemTech in Revolutionizing Women's Health and Unlocking Sustainable Development

    The World Economic Forum's Women's Health Initiative has released a report highlighting the ongoing health inequities faced by women and girls globally. The report notes that women's health concerns are still underfunded and under-researched, leading to significant challenges tha
  5. Omaha, Nebraska, has seen a steady decline in reported gun violence over the past 15 years, with a 51% decrease in reported shooting victims since 2009, according to data from the Omaha Police Department. Police and advocates attribute some of that to Omaha 360, an initiative tha
  6. False Promises: Dow Accused of Misleading Public on Shoe Recycling

    A recent investigation by Reuters revealed that a shoe recycling program launched by Dow Chemical and Singapore failed to achieve its stated goals as 11 pairs of donated shoes ended up in secondhand markets or remote areas in Indonesia instead of being transformed into playground
  7. The Blue Revolution: UN Treaty to Protect High Seas Paves the Way for Ocean Conservation

    After almost 20 years of negotiations, the United Nations member states finally agreed on a treaty to protect the high seas, covering almost two-thirds of the ocean that lies outside national boundaries. The treaty will provide a legal framework for establishing vast marine prote
  8. Children Tied with Ropes: Disturbing Conditions for Afghan Refugees in Pakistan

    Reports suggest that refugees are dying in Pakistani prisons and children are being arrested and tied together with ropes. The mistreatment is happening amidst a wave of detentions and deportations of Afghans who have crossed the border into Pakistan since the Taliban took power.
  9. One Woman Dies Every 2 Minutes: UN Report Reveals Alarming Trends

    A new report by United Nations agencies has revealed that every two minutes, a woman dies during pregnancy or childbirth. The report shows significant setbacks for women’s health over recent years, as maternal deaths either increased or stagnated in nearly all regions of the worl
  10. A Nation Hungry: The Urgent Need for Comprehensive Food and Nutrition Security Reform in the US

    Millions of Americans who rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) for their daily sustenance will see a decrease in benefits as emergency food assistance that Congress enacted early in the pandemic comes to an end. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities,
  11. Comparisons to Taliban and Boko Haram: Over 100 Iranian Schoolgirls Deliberately Targeted in Ongoing Poisoning Attacks

    Dozens of schoolgirls in Iran were admitted to hospital on Tuesday, February 28, 2023, after a suspected poisoning in a girls' school in the city of Pardis, Tehran province. The incident is the latest in a series of suspected attacks targeting Iranian schoolgirls, with hundreds o
  12. Colombia Seeks "Total Peace"

    Colombia's President Gustavo Petro has pledged to achieve "total peace" in the country through dialogue with armed and criminal groups, rather than military force. The country is struggling to combat groups that have gained power and revenue by controlling rural populations that
  13. Ukraine reporter’s diary: ‘The desperation I saw was hard to process’

    Journalist Sara Cincurova reports on the dire situation in Ukraine after years of conflict with Russia. Cincurova has been covering the conflict since 2014, but the desperation she saw during her most recent visit in January 2023 was difficult to process. The Ukrainian infrastruc
  14. Iran is Pioneering a Modern Surveillance State by Using Advance Technology and Violence to Suppress its People

    Iran is using advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and facial recognition to enforce its strict religious laws and suppress dissent, according to a new report. The country is reportedly one of the pioneers in developing a modern surveillance state that uses the
  15. From Conflict Zones to Communities: Violence as a Public Health Crisis

    Living in a violent area not only shortens lifespan but also makes life more unpredictable. A recent study analyzed data from 162 countries and found that violence, in the form of armed conflict and homicides, is a public health crisis that significantly impacts population health
  16. The Lone Wolf Fallacy: How Misconceptions About Extremism are Hindering Progress

    In an op-ed published on The Conversation, Alexander Hinton, a scholar of political violence and extremism at Rutgers University in Newark, argues that the myth of the "lone wolf" shooter is dangerous and misleading, and that it impedes efforts to combat far-right extremist viole
  17. From Conflict to Community: How Omaha Cut Gun Violence in Half!

    Omaha, Nebraska, has seen a steady decline in reported gun violence over the past 15 years, with a 51% decrease in reported shooting victims since 2009, according to data from the Omaha Police Department. Police and advocates attribute some of that to Omaha 360, an initiative tha
  18. The High Stakes of African Presidential Elections in 2023 Amid Conflict and Humanitarian Crises

    In 2023, 10 African countries are set to have presidential elections. Most of these will take place in the midst of conflict and humanitarian crises. The elections will take place in Gabon, Libya, Liberia, Madagascar, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Sudan, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, and the D
  19. xView2 and the Race Against Time: How the AI Model is Aiding Disaster Relief Efforts in Turkey and Syria

    Humanitarian teams in Turkey and Syria are using artificial intelligence (AI) to aid disaster response efforts. The xView2 visual computing project, sponsored and developed by the Pentagon's Defense Innovation Unit and Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute i

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