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I'm concerned re: the world we leave our children.

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  1. MAGAts believe any crap they're told...
  2. Indeed. She, above all, had a strong motivation to stop Biden from becoming President. Why? Because Biden had looked into Anita Hill's accusations of sexual harassment against her husband.
  3. In Jack Smith’s response to Trump’s motion to dismiss the Espionage and Obstruction charges against him because he enjoys some sort of absolute presidential immunity, the government mentions a hypothetical where a former president steals and then sells national defense informatio
  4. By Dan Rather Inspiration I’m often inspired by those younger than I who work tirelessly to help our country survive and thrive. But at 92, it’s not every day I find someone older who is such an inspiration. Grace Linn is a spry 101-year-old with strong opinions about what’s happen
  5. Marjorie Taylor Greene spent years spreading what the FBI says was false information from Russian intelligence. Not to mention all the time she was busy chasing Hunter Biden instead of working for Georgians. MTG owes all Americans an apology. FLASHBACK: MTG, 7/20/23: 👇
  6. I wish my opponent, Marjorie Taylor Greene, would fight for her constituents in North Georgia as much as she fights for murderous dictator Vladimir Putin.
  7. I'm running against the worst member of Congress, Marjorie Taylor Greene. As a recently retired Brigadier General after serving 40 years in the military, I have what it takes to serve. We're building a coalition from across the nation united in our goal to unseat MTG and bring back
  8. By Dan Rather The annual Conservative Political Action Convention (CPAC) is seldom subtle. This year they aren’t just saying the quiet part out loud — they are screaming it. At a panel session Wednesday, right-wing conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec said without irony or sarcasm, “I
  9. Donald Trump is right. Marjorie Taylor Greene spent way too much time following him in South Carolina instead of being in her own district.
  10. It appears that the DC Circuit Court of appeals is weighing some pretty serious stuff considering it's been over a week and we don't have a decision on absolute presidential immunity and double jeopardy appeals from donald trump in the DC case brought against him by Jack Smith. G
  11. By Dan Rather Something important is happening in the conversation and coverage around the 2024 presidential campaign — and not a moment too soon. We’re hearing a lot more about the “D Word”: dictatorship. Instead of only the usual fare one would expect six weeks before the Iowa c

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