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  1. 2022 winner in the “social media response” category

    Meanwhile on #Twitter , Greta Thunberg is trending after a killer response to Andrew Tate ( the misogynist who returned to the platform after his ban lifted).
  2. Wishing everyone happy holiday season and a wonderful new year 💜
  3. This is the right response to his blind hate speech (literally).
  4. “Deplatforming an influencer motivates their followers to migrate elsewhere or stop using the platform”…. An important perspective on the potential impact of Elon’s unbanning plan 👇
  5. #Shopsmall

    Just a reminder that tomorrow is #smallbusinesssaturday . If you can, please support small businesses in your community. As we all know these businesses had the hardest time during the pandemic, many
  6. This 👇
  7. #Gratitude is the heart’s memory. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! #grateful #thanksgiving2022
  8. @harari_yuval on @amanpour tonight - “ we pay a lot of attention to what we eat but less attention to what information we consume. A diet of hate speech, or anger, has as negative effect as bad food…”
  9. People wonder why TikTok became so successful with youth and young adults. Here is my attempt to break it down.
  10. I clicked my heels together three times and said 'There's no place like Post' and I landed here…..Hello 👋

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