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  1. More than $500bn has been wiped off the market value of the world’s biggest media companies this year as investors soured on the #streaming revolution, triggering historic share price declines for #br
  2. Musk to Resign

    Elon Musk Says He Will Resign as Twitter C.E.O. When He Finds Successor. Mr. Musk, who asked his Twitter followers on Sunday if he should step down as head of the service, will remain the company’s own
  3. The golden age of #streaming #TV is over. By Paris Marx, Business Insider | #Tech #Digital #Media
  4. Israel's Netanyahu urges US to reaffirm commitment to Saudi Arabia - Al Arabiya English (Exclusive). - via @reuters
  5. Jeff Zucker, Former CNN President, to Lead Sports-and-Media Investment Firm RedBird IMI. New venture is partnership between International Media Investments and RedBird, part owner of Boston Red Sox and
  6. Kudos to the #PostTeam for making this platform available! 👏🏻 I joined #Twitter in Feb. 2011 | 11 years later, I’m joining the #Post | Hopefully, both will compete for the greatest benefit of freed

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