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Dogs are Angels

I love entertainment of all kinds. Democrat. Dogs are the best cure for depression and anxiety. I cook great. I know a little about almost everything because I like to talk to all kinds of people. 35 years in food industry. Now retired.

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  1. Going out to watch Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga at the theater in Cibolo with my brother Jaime Reyes. I have never been there before and they have a gameroom and bowling ally and laser tag. Later we hit Texas Roadhouse. This is one of my best birthdays. 🥳
  2. Wishing everyone a good Memorial Day. Thanking those who served our country.
  3. Friday and the sun is out. Have a great weekend everyone. 😎
  4. Good Morning and Happy Wednesday. Halfway there. Act like this is the weekend. 😉
  5. Early start again. Washing clothes and the bug people are coming. Hope to feed Rachel and walk her before they come. 😄
  6. Good Morning. Up early and heading for the grocery store. Have a great week. 😎
  7. Just a lazy Sunday. Have a great day everyone. 😉
  8. Even now I can appreciate Saturday. Just a day to relax. Have a good one. 😎
  9. Thursday... I'm feeling pretty good but I know it's raining later. Have a fabulous day. 😉
  10. Halfway there. Beautiful Wednesday. Enjoy your day. 😎
  11. Hope you all have a great day. It will be warm today. 😎
  12. Raining outside. Who's holding my Umbrella? 😂 🤣 😂
  13. Cloudy today. Have yourself a wonderful Mother's day. All you ladies deserve it. 🥳
  14. Windy outside. Hope Rachel holds me down. Have a wonderful Friday. 🌬️ 😎
  15. Sunny and warm today. Hope your Thursday brings you something special. 😉
  16. Off to a slow start. You all have a great day. 😎
  17. Happy Tuesday everyone. It's going to be a good day. 😉
  18. Rainy here. Hopefully it will stop soon. Have groceries being delivered. Happy Cinco De Mayo to you all. 🥳
  19. Good Morning... May the fourth Be With you. ⚔️
  20. Pay day... I'm on the move. 😎

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