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Just taking one day at a time. And breathe.


Dad, husband, teacher, runner, singer, feminist, baker and eater of cake.

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  1. That feeling when you start getting caught up in a Twitter / rolling news cycle and realise what you need to do is step away - for a long time - for a #MomentOfLight - thank you @reallara
  2. Morning walk. Can’t imagine anyone has ever taken a photo of this bridge before… 😂 #Bristol #UK
  3. As of it weren’t official already, #AndyMurray is an absolute legend. #TheTennis
  4. Finally saw #Hamilton in London last night and absolutely loved it. Even managed to stop myself singing along…
  5. Absolutely, welcome!
  6. #JoinIn

    So conscious of this time of year being very lonely and isolating for some, many of us. In The Other Place, #joinin became a place for people to connect on days that would be particularly difficult. S
  7. A bit of good

    Today there was a bit of good. And I’m here for that. It’s fair to say that life is a bit rubbish at the moment. I won’t go into details and I’m not looking for sympathy. But every day is hard and pain
  8. Genuinely, through blurry eyes, thought this was London. Then Paris. Then Basel. #perfect
  9. Days when you wake up, and Topic Search has appeared on #Post overnight - 😊🎉 - thanks for all your work on this @feedback @noam
  10. I love the warm orange homeliness of this restaurant when looking in from a dark street - great food too!
  11. Benefits of being an early Poster - seeing this slick masterpiece being developed. Downsides of being an early Poster - not knowing anyone (yet) - time to come out of my introverted shell and start fol
  12. Days when you realise that there are a few US citizens on this site 😊 #HappyThanksgiving from the other side of the Atlantic!
  13. Perfect example of the content you didn't know you wanted till you got it: a little photo essay of wolves in the snow
  14. Oh, and apparently we’re all on dog pics? #postdogs
  15. Aaaand I'm in... Thanks for the accidental-big-red-button-pressing, hope I'm still welcome!
  16. So, here I am. Another Twitter refugee, looking forward to more balanced, reflective and kinder community. Have I hit the jackpot here? Finding my way round but looking to engage with all sorts. Like s

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