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Writer, watcher, story-teller

Writer, editor, sailor, angler, explorer, raconteur, triathlete, amateur & semi-pro theologian masked as journalist/pundit for 35 years.

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  1. Republican members of Congress have to hire security for their children and their spouses after voting against Jim Jordan. Tell me again MAGA isn’t a terrorist organization.
  2. NYT: "If everything goes Democrats’ way, roughly 10 House seats could become meaningfully easier to win. Next year, the party needs to net only five seats to reclaim the House." My firm is litigating every one of the cases mentioned: AL, NY, FL, GA, LA.
  3. The seminal DIY catalogs, journals, and magazines printed by the techno-hippie publishing house are finally available online in digital form, all for free. By Boone Ashworth A nearly complete digital library of Whole Earth publications—including the famed Whole Earth Catalog founde

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