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Good writers inspire me to read. Great writers inspire me to write. Grateful to have survived a long, eventful life, and have seen the humor in it. While much is too strange to be believed, nothing is too strange to have happened. Headhunter Jazz is a work of picaresque noir. First 80 pages free to download or view in Kindle

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  1. New on my Substack: I unwound the web of companies involved in Trump's digital trading card grift. And you won't believe where it all ends - a run down brick house associated with international crimin
  2. Wow.. The Atlantic is not mincing words: " Even in his thirsty attempts to be an edgelord, Musk is failing to be anything other than cringey. "
  3. Showing us who he is

    "...Musk doesn’t really have political beliefs, only personal interests. But one can have vapid or nonexistent political beliefs and still be a political activist."
  4. Turkish Economic Crisis

    Rick Petree is an investment banker with deep insight into Turkey and the Turkish economy. Highly recommend as a follow and for this video. @rickpetree
  5. Moore vs Harper - what is at stake.

    I post this here at the request of Peter Arenella, Emeritus Professor of Law at UCLA. The current pathological version of the Republican Party remains a great threat to the survival of our democracy de
  6. Listen up Ohio

    (And read everything Teri writes.) "In September 2021, J.D. Vance, who is now the Senator-elect from Ohio , appeared on a podcast and suggested that Donald Trump, if he wins another term, should “ seize
  7. These are baby #stingrays . They look like aliens stuck in ravioli.
  8. Firm but fair... with a chance of storms

    I for one look forward to the implementation of self curating features so I can block anyone who reposts the dohickey post or has, as a first post, "Is this thing on."
  9. your reminder that Elon Musk is not an engineer, Donald Trump is not a successful businessman and Ron DeSantis is not a human being
  10. I missed this news yesterday: November 29, 1972. Co-founder of Atari, Nolan Bushnell releases Pong. Here he is with the first commercially successful video game, at Andy Capp's Tavern in Sunnyvale, Ca
  11. "It went off the rails in exactly the ways that we anticipated," Roth said, speaking at a conference hosted by the Knight Foundation, a journalism nonprofit to @karaswisher @
  12. A lot of outrage this morning from Elmo's trolling. "My Bedside Table" Well...
  13. So great to see Kurt Andersen here! Fantasyland: How America went Haywire should be required reading.
  14. @jaki
  15. Good news! @teri_kanefield is here. Teri Kanefield a must-read for legal takes.
  16. Tweaking Content Moderation Algorithm Is there a particular place you'd like us to report words that might be incorrectly flagged as offensive? Currently can't get w o n k past the censor. @janete

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