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  1. The GOP has been in control of the house for effectively a week or so. In a short span, they went from “Inflation” and “Gas Prices” to “Abolish the IRS” and “Stop exposing Trump’s crimes”. This is why
  2. Let’s be clear: GOP did not “win” the midterms. They drastically underperformed historical precedent, failed to take the high chamber, and secured only the seats they gerrymandered their way in to. Th
  3. Some people say democracy is messy, and this is just proof of that. This isn’t showcasing the best of democracy. This is showing that the so-called People’s House is beholden to the whims of less than
  4. McCarthy has traded power for a title

    McCarthy has made so many concessions that he can’t even be considered a leader. At this point, he is just running for the title because he has no power left. #SpeakeroftheHouse #politics
  5. The daily struggle of considering opening Twitter to keep up with the accounts I follow but then remembering it is run by a man child that took such a hard right turn that he ran off the cliff. I’ll s
  6. Don't look now but free speech absolutist Musk is banning people for free speech. Amount of people surprised = 0
  7. MTV really is just a trash human being

    I try not to insult people and only policy when it comes to politicians...but this woman is just straight trash. She has no interest in doing her job or bettering this country. She lives purely for th
  8. Any "Beyond the Wand" readers?

    What are the odds someone has already read "Beyond the Wand" By Tom Felton? As a huge Potterhead and Felton fan, I am very curious. I just don't want to be disappointed.
  9. Crazy that some people still think Elon has some grand plan to save Twitter. If this wasn't already obvious, his tweets today should make it clear: he is just massive troll. He didn't want Twitter to
  10. Sinema is irrelevant thanks to Georgia

    Today’s news regarding #Sinema proves why Warnock’s victory was so important. The power and attention we that she relished in the last two years doesn’t exist if she is no longer the swing. Manchin is
  11. GOP: “We need to figure out why we are losing these elections! Meanwhile, their Senate candidate:
  12. Is Elon saving Twitter…or destroying it?

    Elon may have some master plan (not likely) and maybe Twitter will survive his run. But, so far he has: fired half the staff, put a price on authenticity, reinstated thousands of bad actors (including
  13. Oh what could have been?? #windowsphone #microsoft
  14. What are the odds anyone has an excellent butterbeer recipe?? After all, what’s Christmas season without a wizarding world classic?
  15. I don’t think I have ever been so excited for a game. It may have taken awhile, but it certainly looks like it will pay off #HogwartsLegacy #WizardingWorld
  16. Post is just so beautifully minimal

    I am pretty sure I just saw a post explaining exactly why I love looking at this site. I mean yes, the lack of total garbage posted here is what brought me, but the absolute beauty of the simplicity a
  17. Some things you are just a little more thankful for #Thanksgiving
  18. Musk is determined to burn #Twitter to the ground. I just can’t decide if it intentional or not.
  19. Another #Thanksgiving = another #DetroitLions heartbreak. Why must you hurt me every year??

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