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Dr Heather Pyle


Clinical Psychologist and simple human being

Psychologist, dog lover, and hockey fan (Go Bolts ⚡️) Small blue dot in red Florida. Posts are not professional advice

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  1. #Education #SchoolPsychology #Research
  2. Taking two Weenie dogs to the vet at the same time is not for the faint of heart. They were heading for the door 😂 #dogs #DogsofPost #Dachshund #SundayMusings
  3. Not a care in the world…. #Dogs #Dachshunds
  4. CNN has released a scathing response to Elon Musk suspending one of its reporters from Twitter. The language of the statement suggests to me that CNN and other major news outlets will be at Post short
  5. To everyone joining tonight - Becca is one of the best follows on here. And her 101 guides are essential reading for all newbies to Post. Hope this makes your landing a bit softer here!
  6. If you’re like me and looking to recreate your feed of good news sources from the Bird Site, here are some good options
  7. The mail-order COVID19 test kit program is set to reopen online on Thursday.

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