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Recovering politician and lobbyist 


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  1. Donations to MAGA Super Pac: Phil Ruffin (net worth $3.4B): multiple $1 million donations Robert “Woody” Johnson (net worth $3.7 billion): $1 million in April Charles Kushner (family net worth $1.8B): $1 million in June Trump is going full fascist, and billionaires love it.
  2. The ex-president was arraigned in a DC courthouse on Thursday. By Bess Levin Donald Trump was arraigned on Thursday and pleaded not guilty to a whole bunch of crimes. If that sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the third time he’s done it since April, on account of having engaged in
  3. But he doesn’t think Trump should be held accountable. So much for JAG and @harvardlaw ethics.
  4. In 2021, I called it the worst provision of a very bad law. Today, SB202 is still being defended in court by a cadre of lawyers, consultants, and expert witnesses who are paid to avert their eyes from the damage being done to democracy. It is shameful.

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