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New world order began since COVID-2019. Let's record it. Hankow, a city built by westerners, now is a part of Wuhan.

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  1. Is There an "Engineer Dividend" in China? The Answer May Be No.

    I came across an intriguing piece discussing whether China is truly reaping the benefits of an "engineer dividend." [1] The term refers to the economic and technological advantages gained from a large pool of engineers and technical professionals. While China has long pursued the
  2. China and the United States on #ChatGPT

    1. Found er of a China #AI company admits there is still a long way to go in terms of model size and effect, as they are overwhelmed by the stunning p erforman ce of #ChatGPT . A Baidu senior expresses mixed feelings, saying they're "not interested" in talk ing about it. #techtrends 2.

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