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Pennsylvania USA

Detroit area transplant to the Philadelphia area. I will always say pop, but now I say wooder.   

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  1. I was chatting yesterday with a bartender. She said she loves this job so much more than her prior job as an assistant manager at #Starbucks . She recalled having to show new hires how to hold and operate a broom. They had never used a broom before. That was what made her question
  2. CNN: 338 mass shootings this year and year is only HALF over ! VOTE GOP OUT,they are killing us. GOP REPS wear AK rifle pins on their lapels !
  3. Today from our garden
  4. Tennessee is a mess
  5. Spring is officially here because a “Mister Softee” truck drove down my street
  6. Of the 20 deadliest cities in the country - 14 are in states where Republicans dominate state government. You know what city doesn’t even crack the top 20? Chicago. In fact - the deadliest city (St. Louis) is in a state where the Republican controlled legislature and governor roll
  7. You're Being Lied to About Electric Cars (
  8. “The Menu”

    Watching The Menu on HBO, starring Ralph Fiennes. I’m only up to the 3rd Course but I feel an Eraserhead vibe. The mother at that table evokes the mother in the kitchen on Eraserhead (but without the
  9. Marking my calendar!
  10. Back to work tomorrow after the holidays. I plan to be a ray of sunshine to my coworkers! At least until Wednesday.
  11. Share if you agree with @RepJeffries #IndictThemAll #IndictTrumpAndHisAccomplices
  12. Tater tots on the menu for tonight! ❤️
  13. Be an Ally! Be a Friend! Diversity makes life a lot more interesting and oh so beautiful! 🌈 #LoveIsLove #WeAllBleedRed
  14. This evening Santa rode a firetruck past my house. It’s a thing they do here in Delco every year.
  15. Thank you, Noam and Post!
  16. Covid exposure protocol

    3 coworkers at the office (who traveled overseas together last week) have covid, and I had close contact with 2 of them (both of us wearing masks). As a result of this exposure, I’m wearing a mask fo
  17. Golumbki, golobki, Polish stuffed cabbage, cabbage rolls… whatever you call it, I am craving them today.
  18. I used to be a graphic designer in the days before computers changed everything. We sat at drafting tables with T-squares

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