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  1. By Martha McHardy Senator Ted Cruz has said he wants airport escorts for lawmakers . The Texas senator said he is proposing a bill amendment that would offer politicians a dedicated security escort at airports, along with expedited screening outside of public view , Politico reported
  2. Contact the offices of @SpeakerJohnson @SteveScalise @EliseStefanik @HouseGOP and your own Senators and Representatives to tell them you support the Senate’s borders security and Ukraine aid deal.
  3. I want to take this class. I want to live in this university.
  4. Always a good read. Keep the faith, y'all. We can't let this treasonous bastard wear us down.
  5. For my language peeps
  6. Absolutely true. Unless we change as a species, we will not survive as a species. -ak from Janette K.
  7. WE CAN DO IT AGAIN. Bob Reich says so.
  8. Wishes

    Watching the 1951 Christmas Carol. Hubs reading in bedroom; dogs snoring. Warm and safe. The days are getting longer! Be thankful. Love hard. Let’s make this world better. 🎄❤️
  9. Hear, hear!
  10. #Meme #Work #Merit #Culture #Politics #Economics #Sociology
  11. I had never heard Edmonds' name. (Had you?) Let's not forget it, nor his solidarity with fellow Americans.
  12. Joyce Vance, ladies and gentlemen
  13. Colorado says no to TFG!!!
  14. Not an isolated case

    This is just horrifying. Gee, all those politicians who care so much about border security and immigration sure don't give a crap about immigrants themselves -- let's use them to do dirty and dangerous jobs! Fuck yeah! 'Murica! “ Duvan Pérez , who was hired to clean up at Mar-Jac Po

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