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Retired and recovering clergy. Still trying to improve the world.

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  1. Canadian friends. Help us out.
  2. Viola Davis just became the 19th EGOT. That is a timeline cleanser if ever there was one. Talent always rises. #grammys #grammyawards
  3. Unpopular Take

    In light of the #oscar nominations this morning, I thought I'd say that I really hated Top Gun: Maverick. Aside from the obvious jingoism, I found it poorly acted, lazy storytelling, and shockingly du
  4. When you are a tiger and your spouse is a rabbit, you start to wonder about marital power dynamics. #LunarNewYear #YearOfTheRabbit #yearoftherabbit2023
  5. I named a cockroach after the Ontario Premier and sent him a Valentine. It was worth the $25.00 donation to the Toronto Zoo. #toronto #ontario #nameacockroach
  6. This movie made me ugly cry. Everything, Everywhere, All At Once. Be willing to take the ride.
  7. On the ninth ballot, somebody had better birth a baby. Fair is fair.
  8. Merry Christmas

    Sending a shout out to my cousin who is a hospital nurse. She did an evening shift last night and is doing a double today so that her colleagues can celebrate with their families. Jews helping others
  9. On the second night… #hanukkah #hillel/shammai #chanukah #lights #chagsameach
  10. It’s a Hillel/Shammai #chanukah throwdown #chagsameach #hanukkah #firstnight
  11. Chag Urim Sameach to all. One of my favourite Chanukah songs that isn't in Hebrew or Ladino. Light up the darkness. #hanukkah #chanukah #lightonecandle #firstnight #chagsameach
  12. Norm is doing yeoman's work to save the waterfront from this corrupt plan. Give him a follow.
  13. Everything about this project stinks to the heavens. #ontarioplace #ontario #toronto #ford #keepontarioplacepublic
  14. Toronto friends, please read this and share. This plan is a disaster for our waterfront.
  15. Mike White is an evil genius. Truly a bastard. #whitelotusfinale
  16. Because today is a shit storm the bird app, here is a manatee just being. When in doubt, be a manatee.
  17. Sat on the balcony and watched the lunar occultation of Mars. Really cool to see it so clearly. Our place in the universe is tiny. Baruch Atah Adonai, Eloheinu Melech Ha-Olam, Oseh Ma-aseh Ve'reishit.
  18. Food for thought. You don't need to have an opinion on everything and even if you do, you don't need to express them all.
  19. Every Jew has an escape story, rescue story, or a survival story. It is part of our DNA. My Polish grandparents are somewhere out there screaming.

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