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  1. Happy Fulton County Charging Grand Jury Selection Day to all who celebrate!
  2. the most surprising thing i've learned in the last three years is how close to impossible it is for someone to be disbarred
  3. if only someone had written about it
  4. all you other shady rinos are just imitating
  5. As you know, I recently said something incendiary and provocative, and you reacted, as did many people like you. All is proceeding as I have foreseen. You see, I said what I said knowing that this would be your reaction. I did it to prove a point. The point is that I am a genius
  6. Here is a United States Senator lamenting the fact that there are not enough Americans in prison. #politics
  7. this is too good
  8. cc: @popehat
  9. Never forget
  10. Transparency is more important than the algorithms. If we're going to prevent another insurrection, we have to actually know what's going on inside the major platforms instead of relying on their vari

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