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Michael E. Gruen



New York, NY

Recovering founder-type on the verge of relapse. Once co-author of Twitter for Dummies.

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  1. “Convenience Fees” are only convenient in that I’m privileged enough not to worry about them and won’t inconvenience myself to call customer service about how absolutely ridiculous it is that I should have to pay extra for a business’s inefficiency failures. Looking at you, Ticke
  2. Naming the damn thing is the hardest part of making it.
  3. I'm a huge fan of personal user guides at work. Here's why: #userguides #usermanuals #personaluserguides
  4. It’s a small thing, but… (Also, would love to drop the trailing underscore in my username.) @feedback #bug
  5. On large social gatherings

    The best advice my father gave was that most people are as unsure of themselves as you are and would love for someone to help them feel less awkward. “Hello!” can be a life raft. Another friend says to

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