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  1. I expect judges to have a point of view. I expect to disagree with them sometimes. I cannot fathom a corrupt supreme court. Have we crossed the line from idealogical (which I can handle) to corruption? What's the difference? Spinning a bit here.
  2. Reality check: the court would NOT be taking a choice away from the voters. He disqualified himself. HE is the reason he may be thrown off ballots - NOT the courts.
  3. Heavy & Hopeful

    To say that I'm disenchanted with how things are is far too kind. I'm even appalled at what used to be comfortably 'my side' of the political spectrum with surprising regularity. I still think we're going to get through this period though. Worse is likely yet to come, but I th
  4. It's okay to re-engage critical thinking when the initial shock of Oct. 7 fades a bit. I don't trust those who use it as the final word. It's not. I wouldn't reconsider our tax dollars going to Israel if not for two things: 1) Bibi is trying to save face and that causes me t
  5. Does the mic picking up Nicole Wallace's magic marker scribbling sounds make anybody else nuts? @nbcnews
  6. Good Lord. It’s safe to assume his position on most things is missionary.
  7. Looking at a photo of MAGA Mike, I had a thought. Does anything make someone a fundamentalist Christian faster than living in denial of their own shortcomings? People who cling to dogma with such fever seem clearly to be in flight from themselves.
  8. Something about the anti-Israel wave moving through our universities smacks of kids chasing the self-righteous high that BLM gave them - or, just as likely, envy that their older siblings got to be a part of something big . I'm not convinced that they really understand or truly c
  9. Gifted article. Take a break from the parade of suffering we're marching in together and hear how one artist likes to contextualize it:
  10. The sane and centered are often fairly quiet types and rarely sensational . Thus, the toxic stew we're living in. Be sane. Stay centered.
  11. They're presently a garbage party, so of course they did. Let's skip the pearl clutching and focus on 2024.
  12. Chase it indeed.
  13. Wait… Has anyone thrown water on him yet? It’s worth a try.
  14. Crocodiles everywhere are listening to Jena, Ellis’ tears and thinking “No, doll. That’s not how you do it.“
  15. I feel DJT fading from relevance, and it feels good. His enablers are falling and will continue to. My shoulders are slightly further from my ears today.
  16. It's almost like Jordan needed help and those who could have chose... not to. How's it feel, Gymmy?
  17. May we flush the stragglers from the MAGA after party out of congress next year and get back to being a functioning country again.
  18. I'm not loving that our President is heading to Tel Aviv at this moment. Nervous.
  19. Jordan is a Sleestak, but half as convincing and twice as useless.

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