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Richard T Griffiths


Media Ethicist and Open Government Advocate

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Retired Journalist (Almost 26 yrs CNN); Fanatic Cyclist (since age 12); Media Ethicist; President Emeritus, Georgia First Amendment Foundation; Visiting Professional at UGA and UNC J schools

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  1. Working hard to keep Georgia's Open Records Act from being gutted by well-intentioned but badly designed bill at the Georgia Legislature. Here's my OpEd.
  2. Thwarting the Public's Right to Know

    “It’s hard to fathom how the Georgia Vocational Rehab Agency found it necessary to use Signal... an encrypted ephemeral app, to do it’s business,” Georgia First Amendment Foundation spokesperson Richa
  3. Great Reporting & Failure of local news

    This is terrific reporting from the New York Times, but why was no newsroom able to detail this apparent fraud BEFORE the election? As our local newsrooms wither, will there be more fiascos like this
  4. Amidst the hard news, a hard loss for us all today: CNN correspondent Drew Griffin. He was among the most prolific -- and tenacious -- investigative journalists I have ever had the pleasure of editin
  5. January Hearing on Secrecy Complaint

    Now appears that the Georgia First Amendment Foundation will get a January hearing in Fulton Superior Court on our complaint about government and court secrecy related to medical cannabis in Georgia.
  6. This is Tucker, a very serious government watchdog. He is particularly fond of his pink dragon toy. He and I are delighted to be on Post.

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