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  1. A University of North Carolina faculty member was shot and killed in a campus building, an official said Monday. UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz s...
  2. How can anyone do this? It shattered my soul just reading about it.
  3. A debate without Donald Trump diminished the candidates on the stage, who still did their best to present themselves as an alternative to the 45th president.
  4. Republican says threat to McCarthy’s Speakership ‘inevitable’ if he doesn’t meet conservative demands
  5. The U.S. reached a new record number of gun-related deaths among children in 2021, claiming 4,752 young lives, a new analysis of CDC data finds.
  6. 3 of 5 former Memphis officers charged in Tyre Nichols' death want separate trials
  7. 'News Conference is no longer necessary!' Trump backtracks after promising voter fraud proof
  8. Awesome news to wake up to! Former President Donald Trump has been indicted by a grand jury in Georgia on criminal charges stemming from Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’s long...
  9. Six former Mississippi officers plead guilty to state charges for torturing two Black men Six white former Mississippi law officers pleaded guilty on Monday to state charges for torturing two Black men in a racist assault. All six had recently admi...
  10. RFK Jr. says he'd sign a federal ban on abortions after three months
  11. Guess there is no 1st Amendment in Kansas. This is chilling. The first thing a dictator goes after is the eyes and ears if the people - Reporters.
  12. He IS their God. Pastor alarmed after Trump-loving congregants deride Jesus' teachings as 'weak'
  13. Guess being racist jackasses isn't as fun as they thought. FAFO gets people every time. No pity at all for them. 5 white nationalists sue Seattle man for allegedly leaking their identities | AP News
  14. Jobs report: US economy creates 187,000 new jobs in July as labor slowdown continues The July jobs report showed hiring continues to slow in the US economy, with 187,000 jobs created last month while the unemployment fell to 3.5% and wages rose...
  15. Gilgo Beach: Police identify another victim in serial killing investigation Authorities have identified another victim in the Gilgo Beach, New York, murders investigation, officials announced Friday, though police have not said if this...
  16. Can't remember the last time Pennsylvania used the death penalty, plus our Governor wants it abolished and won't sign any death warrants. The Pittsburgh synagogue gunman will be sentenced to death for the nation’s worst antisemitic attack The gunman who stormed a synagogue in the

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