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Gregory Poling


Senior Fellow and Director, CSIS SEA and AMTI

Director of the Southeast Asia Program and Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative at CSIS. Author of On Dangerous Ground: America's Century in the South China Sea.

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  1. Rumor has it Hun Manet could succeed his father as Cambodia's Prime Minister as soon as this summer. Charles Dunst on what that will mean:
  2. I just received my first royalty payment for the book. You'll be relieved to hear I won't be retiring early. But it feels really nice to know that folks actually bought (and hopefully read) On Dangero
  3. Just recorded the first SEA Radio episode of 2023 with special guest Tricia Yeoh and cohost Elina Noor (who shockingly has not found something better to do with her time this year). It drops next Thur
  4. President Phuc's visit to Jakarta and conclusion of the VN-ID EEZ boundary in the SCS reflects growing ties between the two countries, based on converging geopolitical and development goals > Our late
  5. Recommended holiday reading for those interested in the role of Chinese tech firms in Southeast Asia, and especially in China-Malaysia relations. Kudos to my colleagues down the hall in the CSIS Freem
  6. Alright, I'm here. Stand by for Southeast Asia, maritime security, and occasionally Baltimore Ravens-related content.

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