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Writing, children's literature, and pie. And coffee. And more pie.

I write poetry, novels, screenplays, and non-fiction. Co-host of on Twitter (for 13+ years!). I bat and throw righty.

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  1. I'm Pretty Well Connected (v3.0)

    So, here, nearly 14 years after v2.0, is a new version of my Web2.0/Web3/Social Networking poem. How many of these sites will be around one year, five years, or 10 years from now? We will know in the fullness of time! I’m Pretty Well Connected (v3.0) By Greg Pincus I’m pretty well c
  2. Write a poem. Work with clay. Draw or paint a day away. Knit or dance. Make a song. Film a movie all night long. Use your hands, Brain and heart. Live! Create! Go make some art. Thanks to all who have hung out with me here as I posted an original poem every day during National Poetry Mont
  3. Reasons Why I Don't Write by Greg Pincus Errands Cooking Cleaning up Nothing In my Coffee cup Snail mail E-mail Texting, too Crosswords Comics Sudoku Phone calls Lunches Fear of debt Daydreams Nap times Internet Laundry Sunsets Batting cage “Research” iTunes Empty page #poetry #WritingCommunity #CreativeC
  4. What in the World Got Into the Cat?

    What in the world got into the cat? Was it something he ate? Can you answer me that? He polished our silver. He vacuumed the house. He chased our poor dog, and he danced with a mouse. He did all my homework. He mended Dad's shirt. He made us lasagna and pie for dessert. We went to the mo
  5. To Pie! Pie! Pie! My word, I love pie. I've loved it since birth, and I will 'til I die. I love it in summer and winter and I Will eat it with whipped cream, or ice cream, or dry And with any filling that catches my eye (To date I've not seen one that I wouldn't try). Dutch apple and ch
  6. Book Report on the Thesaurus

    Words? There were lots, very many, a ton. Plot? There was zero, zilch, zip, nada, none. I found it enjoyable, likable, fun... But was glad when I finished, completed, was done. #poetry #writing #school #homework
  7. #poetry #CreativeCollective #OriginalContent
  8. I Put Each Carrot in a Suit

    I put each carrot in a suit. The lettuce in a scarf (how cute!). Tomatoes? Ribbons in their hair. The celery's in underwear. Sneakers for the kidney beans. The cucumber's in new blue jeans. The avocado wore a dress. The onion's in a tux (oh, yes!). The jicama's in high-heeled shoes. The m
  9. The Crayola Caper

    There’s crayon on the tabletop. There’s crayon on the floor. The baby got my crayon box And drew and drew some more. The house is full of colors now, Each wall and every door. Let me look more closely. Yep... He used all 64. (The pretty visual (by Stephen Von Worley at Data Pointed) show
  10. The Biking Blues

    I wanted to go riding. It was all my heart desired. Instead, I’m stuck at home because my bike said, “I’m two tired.” #poetry #creativecollective #biking #Humor
  11. Nighttime Questions

    Why are there outs in innings? Do all ends have beginnings? This is what I think about when I can’t sleep at night. Can you lose all your winnings? Can there be overpinnings? Sometimes I think that I don’t have the questions asked quite right. Where is the fun in fungus? Is it “bring” o
  12. Why I Didn't Turn In My Homework

    I left it at home. It made me weep. I did other work. I fell asleep. I must’ve lost it. I did it last week! What? There was homework? To me it was Greek. My printer was dead. I don’t understand what it’s supposed to teach me and that wasn’t explained and I don’t learn anything when you gi
  13. Words Count

    Occasionally, I overwrite: One word will do, but I'll use plenty. So, this poem's on a limit. It only uses #poetry #writing #creativecollective
  14. Taxes! Taxes! Boy, oh, boy! Doing taxes equals joy! They're so simple and so fun - Just sit down and BOOM, you're done. What a way to spend my day While some poor fools just hike or play! Taxes! Taxes! Yes, yes, yes! Thank you, thank you, IRS! #poetry #taxes #creativecollection #noironyh
  15. "Tag, You're It," He Said Poetically

    "Cut them quickly," she said speedily. "I want them gone," he said needily. "Show don't tell," he said directly. "Use them well," she said correctly. "I hate adverbs," he said whinily. "We're all done," she said finally. (It's the part of National Poetry Month where I'm going on about
  16. A Double Header Sweep

    won + won = too much fun Little Big League is the longest thing I've written about baseball. This is the shortest. Happy Sunday to you all... and let's play two! #poetry #baseball #math #creativecollective
  17. Can You Hear the Voices?

    Can you hear the voices floating on the air? They carry the wishes Of birds, plants and fishes And words of each animal prayer. Can you hear the voices floating on the air? They whisper and moan. They howl and groan And have secrets they’re longing to share. Can you hear the voices float
  18. Thoughts at Seven Years Old

    Slow and steady wins the race. So, sure, today call me “Shorty.” But I’ve been growing two inches each year.... Let’s talk again when I’m forty. #poetry
  19. Thoughts During My Spelling Test

    Yacht, February, aisle, cologne? I've got to think. Leave me alogne. Isthmus, Wednesday, queue, colonel? I give up. This test's infolonel! #writing #poetry #creativecollective #education
  20. A Note for My Grandma (Left in Her Kitchen)

    Cookies are not safe near me: Temptation is my foe. I see a cookie? Eat, eat, eat! I try to stop... but no. My worry for poor cookies’ health Is very real, and so... Since cookies are not safe near me That’s why I ate your dough. #poetry #Food #creativecollection

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