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For a livable planet, democracy, and the Common Good

Western United States, Earth

Professional writer and editor (M. Landman Communications). Blog: The Green Spotlight. Formerly a producer and reporter for Living on Earth, and a green building consultant. I'm for preserving and protecting our habitable, life-supporting planet and #climate; clean air, water, and soil; #democracy, truth, justice, #equality, ethics, integrity, empathy, peace, non-violence, dignity, economic equity, human rights, civil rights (including #voting rights, reproductive rights, women's rights, bodily autonomy, freedom, privacy), knowledge, science, wisdom; public #health / environmental health; #animal rights and protection; wilderness / wildlands restoration, regeneration, rewilding; ecological #land use, organic gardening and farming, permaculture; #sustainability, #ClimateAction, resilience; The Common Good.

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