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  1. Remember, on Black Friday it's up to you to insure that mega corporations achieve or exceed their 4th quarter revenue projections and increase shareholder value.
  2. Twitter/X's new ad revenue sharing system is paying creators like Lucas Gage, who often posts antisemitic comments, for ads placed alongside their posts. Amid ongoing concerns about user safety on X, this new system is a step backward. No one should be paid to post hate.
  3. By Jay Kuo I’m not going to sugarcoat it. There are some storms ahead. Some of them may hit this week, and they could have outsized implications for the nation, and even the world, going forward. Let’s take a look at three in particular. The Israel / Hamas war On Saturday, in a surp
  4. Oh, man, like DUH, I should have known this.
  5. By The Big Picture There are three modern political conspiracies that a good number of the American public have bought into, more or less fully. The first we are familiar with: the Big Lie about a stolen election. This theory posits, in a nutshell, that the Democrats managed to pul
  6. (Feel a tad guilty posting this, as I'm on the other Meta garbage sites, but at least in this case I have a viable alternative.)
  7. Read it for the laughs, if not the politics. 😝
  8. Very, very cool.
  9. Seriously.
  10. Brilliant.
  11. I get striving to be beautiful (humans have done it since the beginning of time), but why does everyone want to look the same ?
  12. Ursula le Guin had the right idea.
  13. It’s time for the paradigm shift: Lawmakers STOP controlling GUNS and start controlling BULLETS. Bullets are not constitutionally protected, the right to bear arms is. It’s passé to say this in 2023 but Chris Rock was right lol. I want actuarial data compiled on how many PROTECTION

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