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  1. Our #CoVid19 times
  2. my favorite Bible story is probably the one where Jesus rounds up the needy on Christmas Eve and ships them who the fuck cares where because why the fuck should they be his problem
  3. Honestly I've taken the less charitable route. At some point, stupidity becomes willful.
  4. Mmm. No, thank you.
  5. scary news. glad the Department of Public Safety "ultimately concluded that the data could not be “accurately produced” and did not provide any materials to the attorney general."
  6. Does your management suck?

    I've worked for both of the companies mentioned in this screenshot. One is a bit better than the other, but they both underpay and overwork their employees. One of these companies treated me so poorly
  7. eat the rich
  8. at a loss for words. "we don't do gay" "I praised him for violent behavior" yeah. you are the problem. you created this.
  9. yup

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