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  1. FACTS
  2. Company forced to pay up $1.5 million for making kids clean meatpacking plant "Some lawmakers are trying to re-legalize child labor to fill shortages in certain industries, including meatpacking. Last week, Republicans in Iowa introduced legislation that would permit 14- and 15-y
  3. The GQP reliance on culture wars is all about failure: failure of policy, failure to attract more non-white votes, failure to draw more younger voters. It’s a losing bet cast out of fear of the future.
  4. Donald Trump, Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Mike Flynn, and their traitor MAGA cult psychopaths are calling for civil war. That’s incitement. That’s domestic terrorism. That’s that treason. There used to be severe punishments for those crimes.
  5. Folks, Nazis are here, they are emboldened by Donald Trump, and they are actively trying to destroy America. We must not let them win.
  6. FACTS Matter
  7. IT started there ,,, May End there too
  8. The extra $200 a month will allow some seniors to actually be able to afford a place to live. It is ridiculous that poverty one’s entire life means even greater poverty when one is too old to work.
  9. Possibilities and Ramifications of THIS are mind boggling and SCARY as HELL
  10. "Florida teachers are being threatened with felonies for having books in their classrooms" is a factual statement.
  11. Looks IMPORTANT
  12. Ten year breakeven inflation rate now back down to level of inauguration day 2021. Don't believe all the naysayers. We have a strong economy AND have made huge progress against inflation.
  13. In today's Morning Memo : This is crazy, y’all. A losing GOP candidate for the New Mexico House was under the thrall of his own Big Lie and allegedly masterminded a string of shootings targeting the home
  14. Proud Boys co-founder Aaron Laigaie dies of COVID Aaron Laigaie has passed away, according to an online post by Geoff Guenther. Aaron Laigaie has died of coronavirus. Aaron Laigaie is reportedly a Tr
  15. Yep
  17. Great Read!!
  18. Read an excerpt from today's Morning Memo. And remember to sign up to receive MM in your inbox starting next week ! The Washington Post has obtained a previously unreported subpoena issued to Trump 2020

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