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Sometimes one person changes everything.

I’m a grandma trying to make the world a better place for my grandchildren. Lifelong Democrat, always fighting for basic rights. Until we abolish Citizens United, we will see no significant change in politics.

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  1. My daughter-in-law overdosed for the last time on Sunday. It was the fifth time we know of with access to narcan saving her the other four. Three years ago she lost her kids to the California foster care system. In a just world, access to treatment would have saved her. But she w
  2. When we’re telling you To end the racism We are not asking you To hold our hands And comfort us We’re asking you To drop the goddam knife That keeps spilling our blood When we’re telling you Not to be racists We’re not asking you To like us To hang out & chill We’re asking you To stop attacki
  3. GOP obviously bought Rittenhouse's act over Baldwin's Trump impression.
  4. MTG stated that vengeance is what the GOP should be focused on. What do others think? I remember accountability being mentioned before the primaries, but would we have voted in people hell bent on ven
  5. Walking, biking, and riding the river trail. Ali, the two year old rode her bike most of the way. The wagon without a bike has the little guy, Hunter, with the broken leg. Leo needed a little nap.
  6. Four year old Hunter broke his tibia sledding. Crutches are really hard for young children. But a child sized walker has worked perfectly! Plus it’s adorable.
  7. Great idea! Let’s choose Liz. She is ethical. I’ll bet we could get 5 Rs to vote for her!
  8. The Insurrection continues…
  9. That smile! She is a classy woman.
  10. We are living in interesting times. I am watching the voting process for Speaker. The ultra radical right is flexing its muscle trying to defeat the radical right. Where are the moderates? Are they co
  11. The world of journalism has lost a pillar of professionalism, courage, and integrity. Barbara Walters was a trailblazer and a true pro. She outworked, out-thought, and out-hustled her competitors. She
  12. “…do you know what it’s like, to see you dive into your privilege?”
  13. 🌊Calling all Blue Friends🌊 Join us for #BlueConnections Follow Party. Connect with us daily by simply liking this post, reposting and following everyone who hit the like button! It's easy to find new
  14. This drawing is by Anja Rozen, a 13-year-old primary school student in Slovenia, she is the winner of the international Plakat Miru competition. Anja was chosen from 600,000 children around the world.

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