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  1. You all know I’m a big supporter of the Fourth Estate, but that doesn’t mean we can’t them out when they’re wrong. It’s incumbent upon all of us to defend the truth, and the way this election being covered so far is a farce. Last night, Biden won New Hampshire via write-in. He.
  2. Great info
  3. Good explanation.
  4. Proud to be woke.
  5. George Santos/Anthony Devolder wearing a stolen scarf at a ‘Stop the Steal’ rally perfectly captures his fundamental fraudulence as a human being.
  6. Yes you will! And we will all pitch in to help!
  7. You will prevail. You are all loved.
  8. Read through some of the thoughts and responses. Post seems to want to make verification helpful and avoid some of the pitfalls elon has created.
  9. #Ukraine #Bakhmut
  10. #Ukraine #Russia #Fascism #Substack #Snyder
  11. #Ukraine #Bakhmut #Volunteers
  12. To everyone listening to my new podcast, thank you for the nice reviews! Keep them coming and keep listening. Our latest episode about the Ohio voter suppression law dropped tonight.
  13. A very bright star will shine above rather than here.
  14. Hug your children.
  15. Important warning.
  16. Yay Greta! Toll for a troll.
  17. We're rooting for you Congressman Raskin!
  18. #Ukraine #Kharkiv #RussiaIsATerroristState
  19. Proud that President Biden has accomplished so much. He works for all of us.

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