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Another immigrant from the fallen Blue Bird 🫶

Jacksonville Florida

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  1. Happy #EarthWeek ! As we celebrate our planet, we're highlighting the impact of our food choices. Our recent column by Anna Charlton discusses the importance of vegan education in reducing animal suffering, promoting environmental sustainability, and supporting human health. By cho
  2. I write on Substack. Please take a look at my writing and subscribe.
  3. Mabel's Secret - by Ann White - Blood Hound
  4. My newest writing on Substack: Spit Identity vs Split Identities. DNA. Geography. Identity.
  5. This platform is just a mishmash of Twitter and honestly, that's disappointing. I'm not here to see a mirror image of that shit hole. The Fediverse is so much more diverse.
  6. 😞RIP Barbara
  7. At the beginning of COVID, I needed an outlet, a way to get out, social distance AND make photos. I started looking at bird photography as that outlet. It wasn't the hard news or sports that I had don
  9. NEW: Her Name Was Joan Marie
  10. We got 'em . . . busy reading. See y'all next year! Follow the big dirty money. The numbers tell the story. #TaxMarch #TrumpTaxReturns
  11. Take time to read this. Excellent message from a voice that must be heard. The "Chaos Agents" and the Marketing Tricks; Also Love
  12. My second SUBSTACK post.
  13. Crouton peeps!! Where you at? RePost to help us find all our animal loving friends here on Post #Croutonia #Crouton
  14. Well, Kris Nova, the admin of the “Hachyderm Mastodon Server” answers all your questions regarding the social media phenomenon that is being proclaimed by so many as the leader in the field as a poten
  15. SURF and the Universities of the Netherlands are working on a Mastodon pilot for the entire education sector. Many users are looking for an alternative to Twitter. SURF and Universities of the Nether
  16. Casualties of the Freeze

    My lovely red hibiscus (President) was the first casualty that I noticed. And then, a walk around revealed that nearly every flowering bush had fallen to the multi day freeze. That includes the orange
  17. Social Media Favs

    I'm still at Twitter though the atmosphere there is mostly malign. My favorite new platform is Mastodon or the #Fediverse. I'm on a server out of San Francisco. Feel free to check out the place and sa
  18. The Four Cousins My brother Martin is on the left and between us is my favorite cousin, Frank aka Franklin aka Frankie. I'm the one in the skirt. Kneeling is cousin John, whose childhood was interrupt
  19. Lemurs - what gorgeous animals - and look at the back paws!

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