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Agriculture, Family and all the good stuff in Canada.

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  1. Drop the American Politics

    I’ve been here for a month or so and yea, this just seems like Twitter. Perhaps the removal of anything related to American Politics would help because that the only place I see the shit being slung.
  2. My first crack at a new hamburger bun recipe. Little dense but sexy as all be! #DoughBoy #Baking #Bread
  3. Is it still considered a charcuterie board if it’s just #bread? #doughboy
  4. Beautiful and delicious!
  5. Funny how sometimes you only notice your mistakes once you put a lens on it. Forgot to score these loaves of #ciabatta #bread before tossing them in the oven. Still tasted delicious #doughboy
  6. I find the best way to escape the news is to bake bread. How about yourselves? #bread #doughboy #stressmngt

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