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  1. Andrew Weissmann (weissmann11 on Threads)@AWeissmann: " Smart move by Smith as Judge Cannon won't be likely to grant the gag order, will show her patent bias, and Smith can then appeal to the 11th Circuit" Anna Bower@AnnaBower: "Special counsel Jack Smith asks Judge Cannon to modif
  2. Does this mean a dog that she was trying to murder, would be safe if it could make it to tribal land?
  3. VETERAN'S BOOTED From North Carolina GOP Event After Asking Them To RESPECT ELECTION 😱 🫡 🗳️ 😡 👀 WATCH VIDEO #EXPLORE #POLITICS
  4. Trump’s attorneys went out of their way during testimony to massage his ego, loading questions with praise for their boss or having witnesses testify to how big and successful Trump is.
  5. #google_vignette
  6. Florida, the state of denial, needs to eliminate "heat index" for climate change relief via @pbpost
  8. By Ewan Palmer A number of MAGA and Republican figures have hit out at Judge Juan Merchan after he reprimanded a defense witness in Donald Trump 's hush money trial. The former president's supporters are accusing Merchan of being "crooked" and "wanting Trump to go to jail" after he
  9. Trump’s lawyers’ cross examinations are NOT good A good cross gets the other side’s witness to admit facts that help your case Trump’s crosses just try to make the witness look bad The latter only works in PR But Fox News and the NY Post aren’t deciding this case — a jury is
  10. By Rachel Amran The Polish government arrested nine people from a Russian spy ring in connection to alleged sabotage plots, Prime Minister Donald Tusk told Polish media outlet TVN24. "We currently have nine suspects detained and indicted, who have been directly implicated
  12. By Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling Dan Snyder, the disgraced former owner of the Washington Commanders, is less than thrilled about the premiere of a movie critical of Donald Trump at the Cannes Film Festival—even though he helped fund it. The Apprentice covers Trump’s early years in the

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