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Sharyl Holtzman


Storyteller, Yarn Spinner

Native Chicagoan, I relocated to Los Angeles in 2005. For more than 25+ years, successfully transformed ideas and concepts into enduring entities, with the ability to convey a story through events and communications strategies across multiple platforms and sectors. My first production was at age 8, a carnival fundraiser for a critically ill schoolmate neighbor, and by age 10 I was keeping a daily journal and writing stories. I have developed and produced events, communications strategy and engagement for nonprofit and the arts, expanded my expertise at Paramount Pictures on the global marketing and sales team for distribution to television. In 2016 I relocated to San Pedro, while she began working in development with the 54-year old literary arts organization Beyond Baroque; and currently serving as event director with AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles and the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden Museum at California State University Long Beach. Music and the arts are my jam, as a fan and sharing my skills at reduced rates or donated to help. I'm a joiner, I'm on the advisory council for the San Pedro Waterfront Arts District, communications chair at my temple. I consult, volunteer regularly for homelessness, LGBTQ rights, dog rescue and wellness. I love road trips, travel, nd once I get to know you I will probably cook you dinner.

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