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I love Coffee and Democracy. Not necessarily in that order.


Twitter refugee, news junkie, avid voter, IT consultant, Mom.

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  1. I just can’t tweet this pic of @HillaryClinton enough. Let’s make it go viral today. #TrumpArraignment
  2. This is the best use of a screen shot I've seen all week. #MarkHamill is a gem of the highest order. Think Tuesday will be a lovely do to spend in the garden, NOT thinking of the bird. #TweetlessTuesday #MarkHamill
  3. Here's a photo that really highlights the Desantis creepy factor: The rich politician who rides in motorcades and private jets every day has dirty unkempt fingernails.
  4. TFG never mentions the stock market anymore. Because it's doing great.
  5. Happy rainy #Caturday .
  6. Today on the House floor I witnessed Kevin McCarthy lose again and again…again. Democrats are just 6 seats from taking back the majority. That’s why I’m launching an initiative to help the races we ne
  7. To those of us here this evening who vote blue, please drop a heart and retweet. Let's connect.
  8. READ: House panel’s reports on Trump tax returns | The Hill
  9. Among people ages 65 and older, the updated vaccines reduced the risk of Covid hospitalization by 84 percent compared with unvaccinated people, and by 73 percent compared with people who had received
  10. Wait, you guys have dogs too?! #dogsofpost
  11. Hi Posters, Quick update - we are at 442K users on the waitlist and 206K activated accounts 🥳 Some stats from Post. In the past 24 days since launch, we have had: 206K Users 3.2M Likes 2.9M Follows 467K P
  12. Nothing to see here - it's all performance art. Just like Benghazi and Hilary's emails.
  13. I have never had my social media account at any social media platform suspended. But it just happened at Mastodon, a place I have posted so few times that I can literally count them on a single hand. I
  14. I'm pretty sure Garland pulled Jack Smith out of the Marvel Universe.

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