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David Baker


Lapsed lurker

Finger Lakes NY

Owner of Martini Golf Tees. Owner (of one share) Rochester Red Wings. 2x MSU grad. Recovering ad man. Husband of college prof. Father of college student.

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  1. My mood about Twitter today.
  2. Sorry for the bird retweet, but people need to see this:
  3. Why do people live in the cold and snowy Finger Lakes? For the occasional sunset like yesterday's. (Photo credit: Jackie Fisher.)
  4. 1934 early Big Band version of this song:
  5. #petsofpost This is Darwin. 41% Beagle, 59% Coonhound, 100% lazy bum.
  6. Tomorrow is my 67th birthday, something so improbable that it even confuses online AI art generators when I ask for a cake with 67 candles.
  7. It has come to my attention that a first post is supposed to be a cute animal. This is Dwight.
  8. I would like to thank the Acadamy for finally letting me on Post.

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