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  1. The will to go backwards remains strong...not as strong as the inevitability of progress!
  2. Please let it be the change we need and that it continues as a positive evolution!!!
  3. Yes!!!
  4. Me Too !!!
  5. "Lady Ruby should be able to have her name, in peace and prosperity."!!!
  6. Funny!!!
  7. Welcome to the top of the hill...
  8. Of Course! Going through life as Mr Magoo, only works in cartoons!!! (Yes, I am that old.)
  9. Yes!
  10. YES
  11. Amen!!!
  12. Tw spaces - Welcome 😁
  13. One of the things that Anat Shenker-Osorio learned in her research about messaging to defeat fascism is that mocking the strongman works. This is not permission to body shame, etc!!! However, strongmen
  14. And a cat toy too!
  15. 😂🎄🐾 #Postpets
  16. No Words
  17. Holding my breath on This one!
  18. Twitter is Rudy Guiliani Post is Neal Katyal

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