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  1. AP - Ex-Trump lawyer Eastman should lose state law license for efforts to overturn election, judge says A judge has recommended that conservative attorney John Eastman lose his California law license over his efforts to keep former President Donald Trump in power after the 2020 el
  2. SCOTUS is a joke.
  3. Trump’s latest “perfect phone call”: “All I need is $464 million (plus interest), which is $464 million more than I have…” How soon before losers James Comer & Jim Jordan threaten to hold hearings on why no one will give Trump $464 million?
  4. Only in the GOP can someone like this even have a chance as a candidate.
  5. Cindy Hyde Smith hates women almost as much as Clarence Thomas hates being black.
  6. The ONLY mic-drop moment we need to watch from the oversight hearing. Thank god there's at least one voice speaking for the people.
  7. It’s been three weeks since the DC Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments from Donald Trump and Special Counsel Jack Smith’s office on trump’s claims of absolute presidential immunity and double jeopardy - the case the must be resolved before the DC trial of Donald Trump can ge
  8. The GOP is doing all it can to make a rapist who incited an insurrection and is facing 91 felony charges President of the U.S. The GOP is a disgrace.
  9. Last night in NYC.
  10. I just finished listening to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals arguments on Trump's immunity claim, and I have some top line takeaways. The most standout moment for me was when the court pointed out that during Trump's impeachment trial, Trump's OWN LAWYERS argued that impeachment
  11. You’d think D. John Sauer would stop speed talking, cut his losses and be quiet but he obviously doesn’t know when to STFU.
  12. ince Harvard practically forced out Claudine Gay let’s see what they do about pedophile Alan Dershowitz. Seems to me that “allegedly” raping kids is far worse that alleged citation errors.
  13. Happy New Year!
  14. Yes!!!
  15. Accurate.
  16. Elon Musk just re-instated Alex Jones' account on Twitter (X). Alex Jones is one of the most insidious spreaders of disinformation and conspiracy theories in the new media - as evidenced by the nearly $1.5 BILLION dollars in damages he must now pay to the families of Sandy Hook su
  17. If @RepJamesComer keeps remaking snide, childish remarks about @RepMoskowitz, why would Democrats in Congress keep calling Comer “the gentleman from Kentucky” - “the loudmouth pile of 💩 from Kentucky” seems much more accurate.
  18. Hunter Biden just made James Comer and the other House Republicans look like idiots. It wasn’t hard to do.
  19. How the hell did Alabama win this game? I need more wine.
  20. Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

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