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  1. TVASTG This is just plain wrong. How could you pull a trigger and shoot something as majestic as this defenseless animal? Why? So sad to see. Trophy hunting should be banned worldwide. Retweet if you agree. #gunviolence #hunter #hunters #hunting #poacher #poachers #poaching #afric
  2. I have been saying this all day!
  3. This is heartbreaking. Below is a picture of Ahmir Jolliff. He was the 11-year old boy killed 3 days ago in the Iowa school shooting. He was known as “Smiley.” Donald Trump’s response was to “get over” the shooting".
  4. Older post, same asshole.
  5. @LePapillonBlu2 Repost if you agree that Donald Trump should NOT be buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
  6. Hey, Josh Hawley, you ready to bolt with me.? @RonFilipkowski Tough guy Markwayne Mullin preparing to greet the peaceful MAGA protesters on J6.
  7. I'm marking my calendar.
  8. Don't forget, Gym and Ginnie are on a first name basis .
  9. As an expression of appreciation for Congressman @ritchietorres I donated to his campaign since he's being bullied and threatened by a primary challenger from the DSA. Will you join me in showing support for Congressman Torres while he's being targeted for d
  10. Now we know what Kushner sold for over 2 Billion dollar$ Saudis probably acted as middle men.
  11. I hate guns...but ...
  12. Jan. 6 organizers tell Rolling Stone they met with Rep. Boebert ahead of insurrection Jan. 6 organizers tell Rolling Stone they met with Rep. Boebert ahead of insurrection - Colorado Newsline
  13. True, Oklahoma has some serious issues . @RonFilipkowski · 12m At first I was a little shocked he wasn’t from FL. But Oklahoma is pretty much the same thing without alligators.
  14. Wow, this was behind the scene on Jan 6.

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