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I boldly went to this new site. Follow for more recipes and tips.

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  1. Hilarious.
  2. Not sure you'll find this in a recipe book.
  3. Perfection 🔥
  4. Please!
  5. Break out the tiniest violin.
  6. Nailed it 😂
  7. What do abortion bans mean to those experiencing pregnancy complications? Return to Amelia Christnot's deep dive into where miscarriages and abortion meet in order to learn why it is so important that we preserve this right to bodily autonomy.
  8. There's no tabling this question.
  9. By Jay Kuo If you believe the headlines, the progressive left is causing Joe Biden to lose Michigan, and without Michigan, there goes the whole election. Okay, deep breath. There is a lot of misinformation, and some pretty obviously wrong math, driving panic on the left. And the med
  10. This is no Squatty Potty!
  11. Oh, puhh-leeeeze ❔
  12. Tell 'em, Bob! 🔥
  13. Good for her 👏
  14. Maybe sit this one out.
  15. Their hypocrisy is rich.
  16. The Radical GOP’s “Seven Mountains Mandate”

    By The Big Picture Speaker Mike Johnson has not been shy about letting us know just how religious he is. In the very first speech he gave after being elected Speaker, he made it clear he felt he had been chosen by God : “I believe that scripture, the Bible is very clear that God is
  17. What do you think, friends?
  18. And you're already late for the test!
  19. The fandom doesn’t kid around.
  20. By Jay Kuo If you’re going to plot to overturn an election, it’s best not to leave much of a trail. But that’s exactly what attorney and architect of the fake elector scheme, Kenneth “The Cheese” Chesebro, did. That trail wasn’t just in emails, texts and memos exchanged with his co

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