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George Cuellar


Veterinarian, Husband, Father, Leader, Coach

Dr Cuellar is a veterinarian and administrator with over 38 years of experience. He is a an ABVP board certified specialist in canine and feline practice. He is an entrepreneur and business owner in California. Among his recent endeavors Dr. Cuellar is certifying through Co-Active Training (CTI) as a certified professional coach throughout 2023 and also certifying via the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) in February 2023 to become a certified practitioner for advanced leadership assessment and growth. He is pursuing Enneagram certification to help in his coaching too. He is a proponent of personal fulfillment, strategic leadership, and a coaching culture. Dr. Cuellar currently serves as co-chair of the Pacific Veterinary Conference. In the past, he has managed multiple locations and currently consults on practice management at other hospitals. He also has served as an expert witness and legal consultant for numerous attorneys in the area of veterinary standard of care and was also a past Chair of the AVMA Judicial Council.

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  1. Hello, everyone who's new to Post! Let's keep a list of everyone who's an animal advocate (not just cute pet dogs and cats!). Like this post , then follow those that liked this post, then give it a re-p
  2. New Trump trading cards just dropped…
  3. This picture truly is worth a thousand words. 🇺🇦🇺🇸
  4. President Kennedy asked what I could do for my country. I served honorably for 11 years and in combat. My ask back to my country. Can you please have tRump and his complicit/corrupt GOP serve some time t

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