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Husband, Father, Son, Editor, Red Sox fan. Senior Editor, Axios Pro. Opinions mine.

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  1. The big picture: The scope of the extreme weather stretches from coast to coast, with the National Weather Service's map of warnings and watches resembling an apocalyptic coloring book.
  2. Big private equity player raises big money for a climate fund...
  3. World's (second) richest man delinquent on rent.
  4. SBF under arrest

    Dan drops a classic here: The bottom line: During a Twitter Spaces interview earlier today, Bankman-Fried said, "I don't think I will be arrested." He was wrong.
  5. Axios Local's 200 Power Players

    Axios Local created these great lists of Power Players in the respective cities we cover. It's an awesome project and one that was inspiring to watch them pull together. Check out your city here and s
  6. Complicated economies don't provide opportunities for black and white interpretations, this is a good read and a smart take.
  7. Axios AM today continues the great work our newsroom has been doing on food waste:

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