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Melissa Ann


Women's rights advocate

Portland Maine

Advocating for all women's rights, especially bodily autonomy and voting rights. Lover of dogs. I like to travel but have motion sickness so I have to drive or take the max dose of dramamine. My favorite TV show is Monkey Life (don't judge! ;)) I'm also a political junkie.

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  1. Winter in Maine
  2. This is horrifying
  3. Find Your Local Womens March Here PROMOTING FEMINIST VALUES = FIGHTING FOR EVERYONE’S FREEDOM We seek an economic system that values the rights and contributions of all, and that supports safety and dig
  4. This is a sobering read.
  5. "Meanwhile, this month, Spain passed a pioneering sexual and reproductive health law that allows girls aged 16 and 17 to undergo abortions without parental consent. It also became the first European co
  6. I'm in total despair for these women. The UN needs to step in. Is there nothing they can do? The taliban are erasing women. We are treated worse than cattle. Women can only be seen by women Dr's., but
  7. #StrongerTogether
  8. "Women’s rights being taken away from them is happening everywhere and if we are not careful, it will happen to all the women of the world ”
  9. IMPROVING #PostNewsDatabase DROPPING THIS PM PST Wednesday December 28 We are so glad and so grateful you "like" these posts updating you on the PostNewsDatabase progress. I speak for all of us in
  10. Mental Health Post

    I have bipolar and suffer mostly from depression. I take medication and that helps a lot. I'm not ashamed, and if you're suffering from mental illness, you shouldn't be either. I hope everyone is stay
  11. We fought a war for 20 yrs to stop this shit. Women can't survive like this. They're on the verge of suicide and I don't blame them.
  12. Pro-life my ass
  13. KABUL (Reuters) -Four international aid agencies including Save the Children said on Sunday they were suspending their humanitarian programmes in Afghanistan in response to the Taliban-run administrat
  14. Great news! It's nice to have some good with all the bad shit going on.
  15. My heart aches for the women and girls in Afghanistan

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