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Amateur Caretaker of An Old House

Bay Area by way of Queens

If I'm not laughing, there's a good chance it's just not funny. Books, TV, libraries, home renovation, climate, crochet, women in tech, Excel, unions are GOOD, pro-ERA. Chocolate ice cream is the best flavor and I will not argue about it. She/her

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  1. Please stop doing TFG's work for him by amplifying his message.
  2. Heard the mute button was active, so I'm going to check in a little more often now. A tip for the larger accounts - you certainly could pontificate into the void like you usually do, but if this place
  3. Billionaires acquire their money from any number of sources, but I suspect one common thread is that they are all really good at finding loopholes. So, if you are going to show me a billionaire who swe
  4. Leaving it all on the field in my early 50s means finishing caulking the leaky window before it rains.
  5. I'm a little unclear on the building hashtags deal. Are we just supposed to create hashtags just to seed things? Or are we supposed to be nice and organized and thoughtfully create posts on singular t
  6. Not sure if this is a feature or a bug, but I did stumble on how to find all the comments made by a particular person - including yourself. If you click on the reply for any posts - including ones you
  7. It's happening again!
  8. Has anyone figured out how to go back to posts you commented on to see further discussion? I see the notifications if the comment was liked but what if there was no interaction? Or back to posts you li
  9. Dresses should have pockets

    I think I'm going to start here with this one: I accidentally learned a little bit of COBOL at my job when I was in college 30 years ago. I never touched it again and only realized it when I read a bo

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