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Jeremy Wood


Federal IT Innovator, Tech Geek, and Podcaster

Who am I? Am I a father, podcaster, employee, manager, speaker, lover of humanity, or IT geek? Yes, yes I am. I do federal IT and interact in a bunch of networks that help link people, whether government to government, government to industry, or Microsoft technologies that I love to share. On top of that, I want to encourage youth and younger professionals in their careers and help them make connections that will benefit them wherever they end up. This is the world we have. Let's have some fun and do some cool stuff.

3 Posts

  1. The Geek Within Podcast, Episode 100 with Shaun Gold

    Today's guest is Shaun Gold. He is described as a lifelong entrepreneur, which is easy to see from all the ventures he is involved in, including founder of YouTopian Journey and Gold's Code, an entrep
  2. The Geek Within podcast, Episode 99 with Anirudh Varma

    Today's guest is Anirudh Varma. He is the Associate Director of Engineering at SpotDraft, a company that focuses on streamlining the contract lifecycle and automation platform. Episode 99 on YouTube:
  3. The Geek Within Podcast - Episode 98

    Today's guest is Geraldine Anello, someone who had her main career in music, but during COVID transitioned into tech recruiting. She is multi-passionate about both careers. Episode 98 on YouTube: You

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