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Whisp’ring Differently Now

A life in the theater, mostly. Produced, directed, wrote, acted, pretended to sing. First play produced at 13. Next at … much older. Santa Barbara, San Diego, LA, NY, SF. LA again. Dog dad to Charlie (she’s named for Teresa Wright)

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  1. The state of the session to elect a Speaker of the House of Representatives
  2. Contrast Maximization is soooo important!
  3. Happy New Year! Let’s celebrate traditionally tonight!
  4. I would never let Dame Maggie Smith’s 88th birthday pass without recognition.
  5. How to start, how to start? I’m bereft of inspiration, but how’s this: I have proudly been a dog dad for years now, but one of my earliest, and most beloved, fur children was Blueberry. She was a gray

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