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Resident of Vestavia Hills, Alabama. Husband, father, and new grandfather. Posting primarily about Alabama but other things of interest to me.

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  1. A new procedure adopted in mid-June by one of the largest abortion pill suppliers, Europe-based Aid Access, now allows U.S. medical professionals in certain Democrat-led states that have passed abortion “shield” laws to prescribe and mail pills directly to patients in antiabortio
  2. “I’m not taking one dime [as a US senator], and I’m giving it to the veterans,” Tommy Tuberville said during a Feb. 2020 radio interview on Birmingham’s 99.5. “I stand and put up when I talk. I don’t just talk about it. I’m going to do it.” Going on three years later, there’s no e
  3. As anti-LGBTQ laws spread across Tennessee and the rest of the country, e.g., #Alabama , many LGBTQ people and their families are assessing whether they should move to a state with a more LGBTQ-friendly political climate. Research and surveys suggest that the relocations may harm
  4. The Pickens County #Alabama Medical Center closed its doors for good in March of 2020, with the Pickens County Health Care Authority announcing that the hospital’s finances were no longer sustainable. Beyond the loss of about 200 jobs, the hospital’s closure also left residents a
  5. #Alabama is the fourth worst state to live and work in, according to a survey by CNBC. According to the survey, while Alabama has good air quality ( usually ), it ranks low in voting rights, worker protections, inclusiveness and health, with the fourth-highest rate of premature dea
  6. Last year, #Alabama revised its 1901 constitution to excise such overtly racist language, but the fundamental principle—limited local government authority and tight state control—remains. Any investment in “improvement” by the state government essentially requires a constitutiona
  7. #Alabama has the highest per-person gasoline consumption in the nation. The excess carbon emissions are so great that it would be like shutting down three coal-fired power plants, if Alabama could only rein in its gasoline use so it was on par with the national average. Birmingham
  8. #Alabama is alone among states in providing essentially no support to public transit. A prohibition against state funding for public transportation is embedded in Alabama’s Jim Crow-era Constitution. As a result, Alabama is automobile-dependent—a burden that falls most heavily on
  9. Hugh Hewitt: Uncertainty is just paralysis, and paralysis in the military can be deadly. On every level, this action by #Alabama Senator Tuberville is morally and strategically wrong, the sort of self-inflicted scar that invites a future Republican primary challenge, or maybe a f
  10. There is no evidence that #Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville has kept a key pledge he made when he ran for Senate three years ago — that he would “donate very dime” he made in Washington to Alabama veterans.
  11. Op-Ed: The average warming of the planet – including the most up-to-date measurements for 2023 – is entirely consistent with what climate modelers warned decades ago would happen if we continued with the business-as-usual burning of fossil fuels.
  12. The world is shifting towards a superheated climate not seen in the past 1m years, prior to human existence, because “we are damned fools” for not acting upon warnings over the climate crisis, according to James Hansen, the US scientist who alerted the world to the greenhouse eff
  13. If all the #Alabama Legislature cared about was complying with the Voting Rights Act, it could have done things differently. As plaintiffs in the lawsuit demonstrated, it’s possible to draw a congressional map of Alabama with two majority-Black districts , which would easily solve
  14. When it comes to requesting information in #Alabama , those records are hard to get. Lawmakers took up a public records bill this past session, but it did not make it to the House floor for a vote. The bill would have streamlined requests, not just for state offices but all govern
  15. Texas troopers employed by Greg Abbott’s border patrol initiative were instructed to push children into the Rio Grande and deny migrants water in extreme heat, according to emails sent by a state employee. Nicholas Wingate, a trooper-medic from the state’s department of public saf
  16. Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s (R-Ala.) battles in Washington have only boosted his political standing in #Alabama as he tries to swat away swirling rumors back home that he may not run for a second term in the Senate.
  17. Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s (R-Ala.) battles in Washington have only boosted his political standing in #Alabama as he tries to swat away swirling rumors back home that he may not run for a second term in the Senate.
  18. Josh Moon: And even when told by a very, very conservative [Supreme] court that the [ #Alabama congressional district] maps were unfair, these same Republican lawmakers, instead of correcting their bad maps, have chosen instead to put forth a map that they know will be rejected. A
  19. Alabama ranked 4th worst state to live and work in by CNBC

    #Alabama is one of America's unhealthiest states, with the fourth-highest rate of premature deaths. It is also one of the most difficult states to vote in, with no in-person early voting and restrictions on voting by mail, according to the Center for Election Innovation and Resea
  20. As the Northern Hemisphere approaches summer’s peak, heat is testing the limits of human survival in Earth’s hottest spots — and demonstrating the extremes that are increasingly possible and probable against the backdrop of accelerating global warming.
In recent days, China set a

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