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Movies and mobiles. Phones and films. Cellular and celluloid.

Podcaster who talks movies and mobiles, phones and films, cellular and celluloid.

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  1. Tech Addicts Podcast - Sunday 17th March - To be sure, to be sure

    Gareth and Ted discuss a variety of tech on their St. Patrick's Day Tech Addicts podcast, including a NASA "poke" to Voyager 1, file-sharing app LocalSend, and dive into Linux, amidst broader tech updates.
  2. Tech Addicts Podcast - Sunday 3rd March - A Wooden Satellite

    Gareth Myles and Ted Salmon are back with tips on decrypting Audible books with Libation, concerns about Voyager 1's failing communications, and latest tech news covering from wooden satellites and mass-produced 1TB microSD cards to affordable smartphones and innovative wearables
  3. Tech Addicts Podcast - Sunday 18th February - Publisher Perished

    Gareth and Ted discuss Acer Chromebook, Samsung re-releasing the Galaxy Tab, the end of Publisher and Microsoft's PC Manager app, BitLocker's vulnerability and Google Pixel's new design. Check it out here
  4. Tech Addicts Podcast - Sunday 4th February - Tuck, Fold and Roll

    This week the fold and roll phone, bye bye Bullitt, Fossil calling time on smartwatchs, ash tray designs, Microsoft Edge being dodgey, Ayaneo Flip, MSI Claw prices, imageFX and exciting new Zoom audio recorders.
  5. Tech Addicts Podcast - Sunday 21st January - Its a Ring Thing

    Ted and Gareth look at CES 2024 and a few items that stood out. Jackery has a solar power tent, Fiio has a new Walkman cassette player, Infinix want to charge your device from afar, JBL do microphones and the Skyted mask that you can't hear anyone talking about. Also Samsung anno
  6. Projector Room Podcast 154 “Society Minus One”

    On the Projector Room Podcast this week a new Godzilla, more Chicken Run, we Leave The World Behind and head for Rebel Moon, find some of The Ruins of a Society of Snow on Dangerous Waters!
  7. 1985's Thunder Run is equal parts The Road Warrior, The A-Team and Wargames, with a smattering of Porky’s to appeal to the youth.
  8. It's the Projector Room Podcast Christmas Special - Picking the best films and TV shows of 2023
  9. Solar Crisis (1990)

    Solar Crisis has become vastly more interesting over the years. Tim Matheson, Charlton Heston, Jack Palance and Peter Boyle star in this sci-fi adventure with ... umm... effects and music.
  10. Projector Room #151 “Napoleon’s Crown” 30/11/2023

    This time all things Bruce Campbell in Themed Treats, we get a Locked In Private Screening, go bonkers with the Jaws Parody Blades, consider the American-sounding Napoleon and tear apart The Crown. Check it out here
  11. Projector Room Podcast 150 "The Killer Fingernails" 16/11/2023

    Gareth Myles, Ted Salmon and Allan Gildea are here again to bring you our thoughts on what we, and you, have been watching in film, cinema and TV. We focus on the work of David Thewlis, go Divorcing Jack, take a Sly look at Dead Snow and loads more. So Get Out and about with Us a
  12. Tech Addicts Podcast – Sunday 12th November – Where the EE Roam

    Gareth and Ted are at it again! This week discussing EE roaming charges, Steamdeck OLED, Nintendo, new .ing domains, Tab S9 FE, Doogee tablets, Anker Aerofit, HMD and Nokia devices, Oppo Find N3, Sony A9 III, Samsung Active5, WhatsApp adverts and Facebook and Instagram subscripti
  13. Projector Room #149 Old Dads’ Bodies 02/11/2023

    We are back with another roundup of goodies from film, cinema and TV. This time we focus on the work of Jodie Foster, Bodies, Matthew Perry and Richard Roundtree, Shaft 12 Angry Men in an Impossible Mission, travel back to Finland and oodles more. So do join us! Check it out here
  14. Tech Addicts Podcast - Sunday 29th October - AI Riley Reid

    This week Gareth and Ted chat Riley Reid doing Clona.AI, Final VR2000, Brave bundling a VPN, Soundcore's latest speaker, Ayaneo Flip, Realme GT5 Pro, Xiaomi 14 Pro, Elgato's Prompter and Marketplace and the Camp Snap! Check it out here
  15. Tech Addicts Podcast - Sunday 15th October - Barisieur Bed Partners

    This week the Raycue Retro Multifunctional Desk Essential, Omnicharge Omni 40+,Joy Resolve Barisieur Tea & Coffee Alarm Clock, Right to Repair Act, Leica Sofort 2, Lenovo Tab P12, OnePlus Open, Nokia XR21 Limited Edition, Galaxy S23 FE and a whole lot more! Check it out here
  16. Tech Addicts Podcast - Sunday 1st October - OneDrive Woes

    This week Gareth and Ted look at the Anker Prime, Razer Leviathan V2 X, SPKPAL S135 speaker, Vernte Custos smart headphones, Moto Tab G84, Soundcore Motion 100 and 300, Boox e-ink ereader, rumours for the Pixel Watch 2, Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, Samsumg Galaxy S24, smartwatches from CMF
  17. Tech Addicts Podcast – Sunday 12th February – Wired Up OnePlus

    Ted and Gareth prattle on about the OnePlus Pad, OnePlus 11, Samsung Flex, GC5000, Nokia Game, Ridley Scott, S23 Ultra, Honor X8a, Honor Magic Vs, OPPO Find N2 Flip and much more! With Gareth Myles and Ted Salmon Join us on Mewe RSS Link: Direct Download iTunes | Google Podcasts | St
  18. A Christmas Special, Tech Addicts style… or shorter. Gareth and Ted are back with the last podcast of the year, you’ll be please to hear. OnePlus mechanical keyboard, Realme GT Neo 5, Sky ads, Dyson r

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