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We are dedicated to upgrading residential homes to current energy efficiency standards using sustainable energy solutions to provide greater home comfort, reduce our community's carbon footprint, open the opportunity to clean energy solutions, and help cut the cord to fossil energy. Our presence here is to share and discuss energy topics that could encourage others to research and hopefully pursue.

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  1. Germany threatens to throw EU's electric car dream into reverse

    As Olaf Scholz addressed world leaders and financiers on the ski slopes of Davos in January, the German Chancellor sought to portray his country as the emerging leader in Europe’s green transition. Looking at what his successors might tell the gathering in 2045, he predicted a uto
  2. Researchers can now pull hydrogen directly from seawater, no filtering required

    Researchers at the University of Adelaide announced this week that they made clean hydrogen fuel from seawater without pre-treatment. Demand for hydrogen fuel, a clean energy source that only produces water when burned, is expected to increase in the coming years as the world (ho
  3. Wyoming wants to phase out sales of new EVs by 2035

    While jurisdictions like California and New York move toward banning the sale of new gasoline-powered cars, one US state wants to go in the opposite direction. Wyoming’s legislature is considering a r
  4. A Swedish miner has found Europe’s largest deposit of rare earth metals

    Location: Kiruna, Sweden LKAB says it has identified more than 1 million tons of rare earth oxides in the Kiruna area in the far north of Sweden [Ebba Busch, Swedish Minister for Energy, Business and In
  5. Electric vehicles have become popular over the past few years. But EVs could take a significant hit based on what’s happening in Switzerland. According to a report in the Telegraph in December, the cou
  6. The Biden administration is proposing to tighten a key air pollution regulation after the Trump administration declined to do so. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed on Friday to tighten
  7. The Coal Industry dancing party with the DOE

    In 2017, THe DOE was moving forward with a series of new rules that in order to boost the coal industry. Edelman, a photographer for the DOE at the time, decided to anonymously leak photographs to the

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